Vootty is an accesories brand made to suits your hands forever. Our brand is the outcome of deep inspiration from nature, oceans and adventures. Our vision is to inculcate  of the spirit of freedom, independence and balance of life and it's clearly illustrated in our logo by the anchor in the middle which guarantees the safety of the boat and the wings which give the boat balance to face the waves. Our main goal is to inspire you to live an adventurous life.



2016: The founder after several trips in the middle of nature had the idea to set up an accessory brand to implant a great impact in the world

2017: Market analysis and brainstoming to set goals and brand products

2018: VOOTTY is officially founded on the principles of anchors and wings

2019: We start the donate 10% to many organization to clean up the ocean

2020: Our brand grows and more than 2000 ambassadors join us



Vootyy is founded on several principles and objectives, our main goal is to boost the economy by helping more than 50 bracelet's artisans to de  independent by generating their own income. Futhermore we wish to leave a mark in this world  by contributing to the cleaning of the oceans




Be part of our community to leave your own impact in the world by your  participation to save the oceans while enjoying an eventful adventure using your wings . JOIN US !