Our Story:

In the WORLD of our founder creativity , optimism and positivity are the main values and the most important ones for him .
That's why back in 2015 , after surpassing many obstacles and challenges in his life . The idea of making a good CHANGE in the world was one of his main goals regardless of all the negativity that surrounded him , he always saw that he can make a change that make a great IMPACT in the world .
In that same year he came up with the idea of linking a brand he just started with his ULTIMATE goal , and after analysing everything it turned out to be like something that was meant to be since the brand's symbol was the " ANCHOR " that is also a symbol for the sea .
So basically with every sale made in our store we donate 10% to many global ORGANIZATION that helps with cleaning the OCEAN , the idea has turned into a success which made our founder think of growing his brand and cause at the same time .


Our Products:

Our BRAND has two main excellent sets : the " ANCHOR " and the " LINKING " collection .
Each one of them is made with nothing but high quality materials ( Leather , Silver Metal , Beads , Stones ... etc ) , without forgetting the fact that they all contain a deep meaning behind the reason why they were created .
All the previous things that we mentioned make our products a necessity for any bracelet lover to have .

Our Mission:

We originally created this BRAND in order to share positivity and hope all across the world by making the " ANCHOR " it's symbol for the meanings it holds .
And now with the 10% donation we give to global ORGANIZATIONS that helps with cleaning the sea our purpose is completed , and it's all on you now to join our family and help us to spread the message and create a better world .

We hope that you enjoyed reading and getting to know more about our brand and what it is really all about deep down with its cause that can be translated in one quote that we live by.
" hope ANCHORS the soul "