Our environment plays a huge role when it comes to having a healthy life , but lately we can all tell that it faces many obstacles.
Especially with pollution that exist all over the globe , which made the founder of our brand way back in 2005 think of a way to make his business play a role in cleaning and reducing pollution And he decided to make the ANCHOR our symbol as a sign of hope and strength which is what it does represent in many cultures , that's why we always donate 10% from every sale we have to organisations all around the world that helps with decreasing pollution in the SEA.
After mentioning all of the above we would also like to let you guys know about our products and the fact that they were all made in Switzerland which is also where our brand is based at.

We hope that you enjoyed reading and getting to know more about our brand and what it is really all about deep down with its cause that can be translated in one quote that we live by.
" hope ANCHORS the soul "